Mohini Sule


Mohini is a warm and accomplished presenter whose warm, bubbly, and inquisitive combined with credibility and authority makes her a unique choice of presenter.


While cutting her teeth in the UK on various programs related to sports, music and children's programs, Mohini held her own interviewing many celebrities and famous music acts, and grew to love the rush of live television. 


A few short years ago Mohini packed up her smile and bags of enthusiasm and landed in Singapore, prompting a flurry of interest from clients that had her hosting "Lonely Planet: Best in Asia", "Business Class" for Channel News Asia, and "HBO Central" for HBO Asia.


After a brief hiatus, Mohini was welcomed back to the live event stage at the Singapore F1 2012, introducing all the music acts to their rowdy fans. 


A mother of two, Mohini has a passion for parenting and childhood issues. She's currently filming Season 2 of "Kids vs. Film" co-hosting once again with fellow Collective member Oli Pettigrew.