Jason Godfrey


Jason Godfrey has spent the past decade waiting for the phone to ring. As a professional model there was little else he could do to get work. Being apathetic for a living wasn’t his passion, but it paid--and more importantly provided the opportunity to live in Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa.


Gracing runways and magazine covers worldwide wasn’t the best use of his Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo, but Jason never lost his love of the outdoors. From traipsing to the top of volcanoes, to flipping a fully loaded canoe in level three rapids, to gulping sea water while cage diving with Great Whites, there’s little outdoors he won’t do. A certified diver and proficient rock climber, Jason plans his vacations around shipwrecks and piles of rocks he can scale.


Recently Jason has been moving away from modeling and into hosting. His first job was FOX’s live broadcast of the Oscars on Star Movies. Since then he has shot "Escapades" for AXN, signed on as a host for LiTV, and is joining Star VIP Access. He's hosted the red carpet for Screen Singapore 2011 as well as the Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge TV for Singapore F1 2012. Jason was also a guest judge on "Asia's Next Top Model" and starred in an episode of DIVA/Universal's "Hot Guys Who Cook". Jason is currently filming in the Philippines where he is the producer and star of his new show "TEN".


Jason has settled in Hong Kong where he continues to renew his Xbox live subscription, is in the process of building a climbing wall on his roof, and is very happy with his couch.